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Scott --
28-Mar-2011, 12:31
Hi, all -

I've procured some 10x12 Adox NP-27 for use with the project camera when the bellows are replaced. All I can gather on this film, though, is that it's ISO400. Nothing on the massive dev chart on it, and it's too precious to experiment with on developing times in HC-110.

Now, at 10x12", I expect that even ISO400 film is going to be essentially grainless. But has anyone got any real-time experience with the stuff, or know how it behaves with HC-110?

Thanks for any ideas.

Jay DeFehr
28-Mar-2011, 16:43
I've used ORWO NP17 (good stuff), but not the faster version. Where did you find it? I've never seen grain in a contact print. Are you planning to enlarge? If it was me, I'd develop it in 510-Pyro 1:100, 7:30, 70F, and I'd be confident of getting a printable image. I don't think choice of developer is going to be very important for contact printing. I'd recommend you be generous with exposure and development, and then scale back, if necessary. Good luck!

29-Mar-2011, 13:18
That must be the same as the Wephota NP27 ISO400 that I've used. In Ilford DDX it's supposed to be the same time as for HP5+, but I only used it with Rodinal, and that was at 1+50 for 16 minutes.

Supposed to be the same as Efke films, so I probably got those times from the MDC.

That's a lucky find ... http://www.flickr.com/photos/sandeha/4219881166/in/set-72157604865541617/

29-Mar-2011, 15:46
Hi, all -

I've procured some 10x12 Adox NP-27

or Forte 400 (aka Wephota NP 27)?