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27-Mar-2011, 19:43
Hey guys,

I've recently acquired a Jobo CPP-2 (thanks Shadowtracker!) and a Jobo Expert 3006 tank. I have no previous experience with colour development, but after reading hundreds of threads on how 'easy' it is, I decided to do it at home. I was also advised that the Jobo Expert series is the best way to go with due to it's ease of use and constant even development. Well, after running a couple of sheets through, I find myself really frustrated. I am getting uneven development in the center of some sheets during each run.

At first it happened in all 4 sheets I put through. I then did some reading and found out about the importance of leveling the drum before processing and it all made sense, how the part closest to the bottom of the tank didn't the same amount of chemicals. I ran 2 sheets making sure it was leveled and they came out perfect. After that, I ran two sets of 6 sheets each, getting mixed results in both batches. Some come out great, some with the center not properly developed. In some it's more apparent, some are more subtle and some are perfect. I am posting a few quick scans, all sheets are from the same tank, same run.

I am using fresh, one-shot Kodak Flexicolor chemicals and using a little more than the amount recommended by Jobo for the Expert 3006, which is 210ml.

Has this ever happened to anyone? Any clues on what I am doing wrong?

Thank you all in advance!

Brian C. Miller
27-Mar-2011, 20:22
Hi! Welcome to the forum. I have that drum, and I must admit that what you are showing has never occurred with my development. That looks like a light leak of some kind.

Right off hand, if you are absolutely sure that what you have is a development problem, then increase the agitation and use more chemicals. Look up the data on the developer, and calculate the amount of developer for the actual area of film that is being developed. Also, try developing with minimal lighting. Also, try some B&W film and see what happens.

27-Mar-2011, 20:24
There are other threads on this subject you'll find if you do a search.
#1Don't push the sheets down into the drum, just flush with the top of the chamber. #2Use 250ml of chemicals. It's not necessary to rotate the drum in both directions but I do so during the first minute of the longer steps.
I had some similar issues starting out and #1 took care of it.

28-Mar-2011, 00:08
Not seen that before but as the previous post, I use more slightly more than the Jobo recommended chemical amount. 250ml or 300ml depending on how many runs I'm doing. That may be a good place to start.

28-Mar-2011, 09:34
cool. i've been using the same holders for quite a while and never really had leaks/fog problems, which is what makes me think it's development. also, the marks would be towards the top part of the holder (bottom part of the neg), which is quite strange for a leak. anyhow, i've been using rotation in between 4 and P, a little faster than recommended. i haven't been pushing the sheets down in the drum, since i thought that was my first mistake. keeping it flush with the top and it's still happening. ugh, i'll do a run with more chemicals sometime today and let you guys know. thanks!

28-Mar-2011, 09:59
"..between 4 and p, a little faster than recommended"
in a hurry? why not speed 4? you're not a pioneer. lot's of testing has been done and there's a reason for the recommendations.

28-Mar-2011, 13:02
i tried to increase it a touch because the other negs (the ones with no flaw) looked a little flat to me. i thought i'd add a bit of contrast by increasing rotation.

29-Mar-2011, 10:34
so, a friend of mine just sent me some shots done with the same camera and developed by a pro lab and the same problem happened. i guess this solves the case. developing is fine, the problem is leaks. thank you all!