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21-Jul-2000, 01:06
Hi, I have a question about B+W developer. I am doing 8x10. I always use T-Max RS dev. and get fine result. But, someone told me to use Microdol dev. for T-Max film. He said that I can get much better result in terms of grain and gradation. But, the other guy told me that Kodak doesn't recommend Microdol for T-Max film. Have anyone tried the combination of T-Max and Microdol?? Anyway, I will run some tests. Thanks, ric

21-Jul-2000, 01:13
TMax 3200 does quite nicely in Microdol-X, but shoot at EI=1000. Excellent detail with moderate grain. Not really a practical combination.

21-Jul-2000, 01:24
Sorry, I didn't mention the film speed I use. T-Max 100 shoot at EI=80. When I use T-Max RS dev. for the T-Max film , the dev. time (1:9@75F) is 11 minutes for Normal using JOBO.

Ric Yama

Pete Andrews
21-Jul-2000, 08:13
If you're happy with the results you're already getting, then why change? Grain size really isn't an issue with LF, especially 10x8.

Constantly chopping and changing your technique is one of the biggest obstacles you can put between yourself and the results you want to achieve. Refine what you already know to work, not what someone else thinks might work.