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27-Mar-2011, 15:58
I'm looking for the name of this particular piece of hardware (circled in the attached image). Along with the name, doesn anyone know where I can get larger versions of this? I basically need larger locking hinges such as these that can handle a little more weight for a scaled up version. Thank you for the help!!


27-Mar-2011, 17:37
On the 6x6 and 6x9 folders, it is a "strut". Plaubel Makina had it in the name, the Strut Folding Camera. While they were for a horizontal rail, the strut is essentially just providing support to the bellows and lens.
The strut appears to be doing the same here, by providing support to the top cover and reflex viewer, chimney, or whatever they call these viewing hoods on LF SLR's.
As for locating larger pieces, look at your local hardware store for cabinet and drawer hinges, rails and supports. A set of support rails from a camera base (specifically Century Universal) would make a nice single arm replacement (for each side of this viewing hood, but say big enough for 8x10) for the smaller double arm strut. It all depends on how big you want to take it.


27-Mar-2011, 20:00
Chris, thanks very much for the help! You've helped me out a lot!


28-Mar-2011, 15:38
If you go looking in hardware supply catalogs, a key piece of terminology is "over center locking"; this is what keeps the Graflex hood up once the strut unfolds through the straight line position, and what allows you to collapse it by pushing it back just beyond alignment.

Lid supports for chests and the like come in two types, friction and over-center locking. Possibly one type or the other would serve your pupose.

Ernest Purdum
28-Mar-2011, 16:17
Try www.mcmaster.com, always a good place to check for any sort of hardware.

28-Mar-2011, 17:22
Francesco, check Rockler Woodworking & Hardware. They carry a TON of chest/cabinet/small box hinge and drawer hardware, and are good people to deal with. They are not cheap, but then again they tend to sell top quality stuff. For instance:


Good luck,

29-Mar-2011, 05:04
thx guys for links

29-Mar-2011, 10:18
Thanks everyone for the help and the links!! You're all awesome!!

29-Mar-2011, 19:33
Why not make a model of what you need? Go to hobby shop that has EVERGREEN white styrene. You score it and snap it. Make it work. Then draw it. Take it to a metal shop that does laser cutting and have it laser cut.