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Paul Mongillo
21-Jul-2000, 00:17
I use the local colleges lab facilities for mounting my B+W prints. I have been using Arista drymount tissue for Forte fiber paper. I have no problems when mo unting an 11x14 print, but things get complicated with a 16x20. The press is la rge enough to hold the 24x28 matt board without turning it. I place a sheet of 2 ply board over the top of the print and matt and close down the press for abou t 1 minute at 225 F. I have experimented with different times and move the prin t in different directions. The extreme edge never seems to clue down quit right on at least one side. I have to re-insert it several times in different direct ions and I still sometimes take the tacking iron to it with unpredictable result s. I don't think it has anything to do with the paper cutter or it would likely be a problem on the 11x14 prints also. Any suggestions ? Thanks.

Dave Anton
21-Jul-2000, 00:55
Whenever i have problems with the material not gluing, it is because it has been in there TOO long instead of "not enough time". My first reaction is to put it in longer but this never works. I have to pull it out, let it cool and i try it again.

It may also be that the heating elements in your dry mount is not reaching that particular corner in the press bed (that corner may be cooler, or maybe hotter, than the rest of the press).

Another thing to consider ( a bit unrelated to your question), whenever you use FoamCore as your backing, always put it in the press for a couple of minutes before you try it with your print. Preheating the FoamCore will release gases from the foam, which would otherwise become bubbles under your prints.

And that's all the wisdom i got with drymounting. It is such a simple process and yet, I still manage to screw it up! Best of luck.


Robert A. Zeichner
22-Jul-2000, 07:53
Paul, you didn't mention what you do as soon as remove the mounted print from the press. Are you placing a flat weight on top to keep the print from trying to curl up? Overheating will often cause the edges to curl because the tissue (glue) is so warm it takes too much time to set before the force of the print pulls it away from the mount board. This might be the problem or it may have something to do with uneveness of heating in the press. Also, do you know that the press is working at the desired temp? Are you using test strips supplied by the tissue mfg. or are you just reading the thermometer? There are many variables to consider. The good news is that once you've nailed it down, you'll seldom have another problem! Took me a few weeks to find the right temp./time. Now, I'm just a drymount madman!

Bruce Wehman
25-Jul-2000, 10:45
Try using a lower Temp. for a longer time. That way the wax will solidify as soon as the board is taken out of the press.