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Kevin J. Kolosky
26-Mar-2011, 23:22
It has been awhile since I have been in a box of Kodak 8 x 10 film.
I have two boxes of it I have been storing since 2004 that I am going to sell.
They are 50 sheet boxes that I used some film out of.
So the question is this: How many separate packets are there in each 50 sheet box.
I am thinking 2 of 25 sheets but not sure.

Bruce Barlow
27-Mar-2011, 04:45
Yup. 2x25.

You could always open them in a dark room or changing bag and feel for yourself, just to be sure.

Robert Hughes
28-Mar-2011, 11:59
It has been awhile since I have been in the gal's box. And I haven't even kept her in the dark or nothin'. Maybe I should take her outta the icebox & see what develops...