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1-May-1999, 16:24

I use Grafmatic film holder and the biggest problem is, the light trap felt. The felt wool comes loose and settles on the film leaving a mar k. I think because of age the felt is disintegrating and falling apart. I opened the whole thing and cleaned it but, i think i have to replace it sometime very soon. Now, i don't have a faintest of clue what to replace the present light tra p felt with. I would really appreciate if someone help me restore/replace the li ght trap.

Thanks in advance

Mike Long
2-May-1999, 15:38
I can't say that I've had to do that repair (yet). But, here's what I would do if it became necessary. First, look at the website http://www.fargo-ent.com/index.html

They carry most camera repair tools and parts, including light trap material, felt and foam core. You should be able to look at the felt coming off and get a feel for the thickness. Buy the appropriate sheet and replace it. As I recall, they also sell glues. You don't want a glue that will emit fumes which might cause a reaction with the film so it is probably best to buy their's or at least note the chemicals in it.

Mike Long
2-May-1999, 15:44
In case you have difficulty finding the right sub-page, here's a little more direct address:


Tony Brent
2-May-1999, 21:11
You will probably find just the information you need on the help forum at www.graflex.org