View Full Version : Use of large format enlarging lens on camera

Mike Dodd
21-Jan-1998, 15:28
It is possible (without great difficulty) to use a large format enlarger lens on a large format camera. Is there a way of mounting the lens and a suitable shut ter assembly? The reason for asking is that I am looking for a 300mm lens for a 5x4 camera but they seem rather difficult to come by, especially second hand, h owever I have found a few 300mm enlarging lenses.

Britt Leckman
22-Jan-1998, 11:28
Mike, You could use a 300mm enlarging lens on a 5x7 view camera, but finding a shutter that you could mount the lens into might be a problem. Most of the 300mm enlar ging lenses that I have seen use a flange to mount to the enlarger, not a thread ed base as with the smaller lenses. Occasionaly you can find a used "Packard" s hutter which mounts in front of, or behind the lens. This shutter opens and clo ses via an air bulb, no fast shutter speeds, only "b".

If you need a lens to cover 5x7, a normal 210mm lens, like a Schneider Symmar, R odenstock Sironar or Calumet Caltar will cover quite well, not huge movements, b ut they cover edge to edge and then some.

For 5x7 you need a minimum of 219mm of image circle to cover. 210mm lenses aver age about 305mm of image circle.