View Full Version : Moersch MZB vs Cachet AB 55

Robert Bowring
26-Mar-2011, 11:33
I am still looking for a substitute film developer for Cachet AB 55 which is no longer available. I have found a developer called Moersch MZB. It is also a 2 bath compensating developer. Has anyone had any experience with it? Is it similar to AB 55? I use Tri-X in 120 and 35 mm. and some 4x5. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

16-Oct-2011, 21:26
I do miss Cachet AB 55 as well it was my favorite developer for normal processing. In the Darkroom CookBook 3rd Edition, by Steve Anchell, page 230 Push-Procesing Formulas Formula #47, one stop true speed increase, with grain and sharpness equivalent to Kodak D-76 accord to the cookbook. It has the characteristic of AB 55: 1st. Its panthermic. 2nd. Has phenidone like AB 55. 3rd. Its 3 minutes in solution A and B where as AB 55 was 5 minutes in A and B. 4th. You will have to rate your ISO higher and this will require experimenting. I have not tried this out but I plan to in the future.

Heiko Stock
17-Oct-2011, 00:35
Hello Robert,

go to the side www.moersch-photochemie.de .
You will find a lot of usefull info there.

17-Oct-2011, 09:14
Here is a link: