View Full Version : 4x5 b&w scanning

26-Mar-2011, 07:18
Hi all

Is there anybody having any experience with scanning 4x5" b&w film regarding grain etcetera?
I'd be interested in hearing especially but not exclusively about the different remaining 400 ISO films (TRI-X, HP 5, T-MAX 400) and how they behave.
I'll be very probably scanning with an Imacon.

Many thanks

Jim Jones
26-Mar-2011, 07:36
Much depends on the ultimate use of the image. Scans of 4x5 T-Max 400 on an old Epson 2450 and printed up to 16x20 suit my perhaps uncritical eye. The newer scanners should do even better.

Brian Ellis
26-Mar-2011, 08:33
Why don't you try a sheet and see what happens?

Kirk Gittings
26-Mar-2011, 10:06
IMO the strength of Imacon scanners is in the sharpening algorithm. it is superb, rendering very beautiful grain if you want it. If you want to emphasize grain you use more (like a setting of 50) in the capture sharpening and a mild USM sharpening for output (or something like PK sharpener). If you want to minimize grain, you use less (like 0 to 20-0 doen't mean no sharpening in an Imacon) in the capture and a high pass sharpener in the output. High Pass if set right emphasizes the fine detail edges rather than the grain.

Tri-x (a relatively grainy film) will show noticeable (but agreeable) grain in an 11x14-16x20 with the first method and virtually no grain in the second (except in the skies, but I don't do output sharpening in the skies).