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26-Mar-2011, 05:10
I have a few boxes of this, have looked everywhere for a guide ISO for shooting it for cross processing it in E6, anyone know?
I'm assuming about ISO 25

26-Mar-2011, 05:42
I've lost track of the numbers. Don't recall which one is 4111

These on VPS which I believe is 4106. Cross-processed E-6.

First: f8 @ 300 sec, sky-light was eV 3-4

Second: f2.8 @ 1/8 sec (quadruple exposure, i.e., 4 successive exposures at 1/8 sec.) Done on a Widelux 1500 where 1/8 sec is the slowest speed. So I often do multiples with it.

I spot-metered the neon lights and they varied between eV 7-11.

Hope this info helps. Might be a good place to start.

Bob G.

Mark Sampson
26-Mar-2011, 06:05
4111 was a tungsten-balanced film for making positive transparencies from color negatives. It was discontinued 7 or 8 years ago; unfortunately we found that the dyes are not stable and even kept at 0F, an outdated, unexposed/processed sheet will show a cyan shift (from neutral). So you can try it, but afaik there are no guidelines or guarantees. It's slower than color paper when processed in C-41; we used it under an enlarger so I wouldn't want to guess its camera speed. Best of luck... you could get something interesting.

28-Mar-2011, 07:42
I've had quite a large stock supply of it that I acquired for next to nothing. Kodak Support advised that it's ISO 8. That seems to work fine for me but as mentioned by others -there is a huge color shift that makes even color correction impossible. I've developed C41 and E6. I've not yet found a consistent process to play around with but often I'll shoot a sheet of it in addition to a sheet of "normal" film so that I don't lose the shot. :)