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24-Mar-2011, 14:39
hi everyone i have joined hoping to find info on some photography or cine eqipment i have inherited .. i know absolutly nothing about vintage stuff so thought u could help please i have a box full of bulbs tanks etc but found some interesting lens dallmeyer anastigmat f/1.9 f=2" serial number 352281
dallmeyer super six etc f 1.9 f=1"
new in box vintage nizo splicer
patterson micro focus finder boxed
projector lamps
jonsons tank
mazda lamp
pattersons tank
and loads more all either unused boxed or in great condition there are lots of different individual lens up to 9 inch prisms and some stuff i cant identify .
any help with what i should do with this stuff value etc where to sell them greatly apreciated

24-Mar-2011, 16:08
any help with what i should do with this stuff value etc where to sell them greatly apreciated

i know nothing about cine stuff....except some of it is real valuable....

take it to ebay. describe it well with lots of good pictures. good luck

24-Mar-2011, 17:08
thanks but not sure if i want to go down the ebay road as no ideas on value etc

Jim Galli
24-Mar-2011, 21:19
Eddie's right. Post it with lots of pretty pictures and in 7 days you'll know exactly what it's worth.......and give Ebay about 14% of whatever that is. The Super Six Dallmeyer's were very hot a couple of years ago. No idea now. This is a large format forum and you're asking about inky dinky stuff.

Mark Woods
24-Mar-2011, 23:11
Donate the cine material to the American Society of Cinematographers located in Hollywood. For the most part, the Mazda lamps are for either projectors or small fresnel units. It sounds like your relative might've been into special effects or opticals given some of the material you've mentioned. You can contact me off line if you'd like. BTW, the 1" lens is 24.4 mm (25mm) and the 2"lens is 48.8 mm (50mm). I'd be very surprised if either of these lenses would cover anything much larger than Academy 1.33:1 aperture.

Dan Fromm
25-Mar-2011, 01:46
Interesting. 1" = 24.4 mm? 2" = 48.8 mm? When I was a child I learned that 1" = 25.4 mm, doubt that either unit has been redefined.

Mark, Super Sixes cover at least their focal lengths. 50 mm Super Sixes were sold in Leica and Exakta mounts.

OP, the only way to find out what the lenses are worth is to sell them. Longer Super Sixes have been cult lenses for nearly a decade but short ones, your 2" in particular, may not be. Your 1"/1.9 Anastigmat might be a Super Six but I understand that Dallmeyer made other designs at that speed. If you want to be a little dishonest, list it on eBay as a 1"/1.9 Anastigmat that might (and also might not) be a Super Six.

25-Mar-2011, 04:30
Most of the other stuff isn't worth too much. The lenses however, are quite interesting. I'd happily buy them from you for 150$ or so, but then I think you could get triple that without too much trouble, though people might think it's sketchy if it would be your first eBay auction. It also depends on the mount, perhaps you can post some images of the front and rear of the lenses?

25-Mar-2011, 05:19
thanks but not sure if i want to go down the ebay road as no ideas on value etc

but that is the only way to really know the worth if you do not have any idea.......

what does knowing the worth do for you at auction? stuff with reserves sell for less cause no one bids. BIN just sits there unless you hit the number(value)....but since you do not know the value either it will sell for real cheap (cause you put the wrong price on it) or not at all (cause you put the wrong price on it)

25-Mar-2011, 09:32
thanks for the replies guys i did say i know absolutly nothing about this stuff so you all been great help thanks for taking the time to reply to me will sort some pics out ..... the only reason i asked about value was because i wasnt sure if to go down auction route or private sale would like to think they going to someone who will apreciate them as they obviously been looked after ... when i do sell the money will be going to charity not in my pocket so like the muesem idea as well

Mark Woods
25-Mar-2011, 10:21
Oops! Slipped a mm. I stand corrected.

25-Mar-2011, 10:45

28-Mar-2011, 12:06
thanks for the help guys i have decided to list 1 of the lenses on ebay as suggested to test the market so to speak