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Noah B
24-Mar-2011, 10:29
Hey all, I'm thinking about buying a new lens (my current is a 240mm) and wanted to get something that had a copal 0 shutter attached. I was thinking an extremely wide lens or something around the 360mm area. Any suggestions?

Dan Fromm
24-Mar-2011, 10:44
See http://www.skgrimes.com/products/index.htm for Copal shutters' maximum iris diameters.

You're talking about a 360 mm f/18 lens. Protar, and good luck finding one at all, let alone one that will fit properly in a #0.

Gem Singer
24-Mar-2011, 10:51
The Nikon/Nikkor f8 120SW is mounted in a Copal 0 shutter.

It's focal length is half of your 240. Makes for a nice two lens combination.

My favorite focal lengths for both the 4x5 and 5X7 formats are: 90, 120, 180, 240, 300.

24-Mar-2011, 18:08
Isn't the 90mm f5.6 SA in Copal 0? I have one and love it.

Kent in SD

Noah B
27-Apr-2011, 15:17
Ah, I'm trying to find an 8x10 lens that actually covers the frame. I used to use a g claron, but it gave me some vignetting even when I'd stop down to f/45.

Gem Singer
27-Apr-2011, 15:21
For a long lens,take a look at the Fujinon f12.5 450C.

For a wide angle lens, the Nikon/Nikkor f8 120SW.

Both will cover 8x10 and fit the description of the lenses you are looking for.

28-Apr-2011, 01:36
You will not find a lens around 360mm that fits in a Copal 0 shutter.

For Copal 1 though, there is a perfect match, the Fujinon A-360/10. I own the A-240, those lenses are absolutely outstanding, small, light, super sharp, multicoated, high in contrast, works very well at all distances (supposedly optimized for close focus, but you won't find an owner saying a bad word about the A lenses between 1:1 and infinity). There is only one longer lens in Copal 1, and that is the Fujinon C-450/12.5, another lens with very good reputation.

Noah B
28-Apr-2011, 09:15
I checked out the 240 fujinon a lens, looks really nice. I found a single coated model, does it have a seiko shutter in it?

28-Apr-2011, 11:18
The single coated Fujinon lenses come in Seiko or Copal shutters, later multicoated (EBC) lenses come in Copal shutters. Multicoated Fujinons have outer lettering (label etc. written around front barrel), single coated ones have inner lettering (label etc. written on front of lens).

Eric Woodbury
28-Apr-2011, 13:24
I just got a 105mm Fuji. That's a little thing. Haven't tried it yet.