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24-Mar-2011, 09:17
is $3.00 a sheet cost a good price for processing 8x10 E-6 sheets? I was looking at AGX Imaging in Sault Ste Marie MI.

24-Mar-2011, 09:26

Daniel Stone
24-Mar-2011, 10:44
great price.

Another "cheap" lab is Samy's in Santa Barbara, CA. They do 8X10 E-6 for $5/sheet. They happily take mail order.

currently their website is down, but here's the link to their pricing page so when it gets back up, you can gander at it:




24-Mar-2011, 11:05
I'm not looking cheap. I worked in some photo labs. Just cost. I've had Mike do 120 & 220 stuff in the past. I know he can do up to 16 x 20 E-6. Just did not know the cost at other labs.

AgX's Story
AgX Imaging is a photographic services business with our sole goal focused on the production of the finest photographic images possible utilizing present day technology. It is a simple statement that requires non-stop attention to all details. Sometimes it is a search for the newest technological advancements and other times it is the realization that the tried and true techniques of the past are still the best.

The name, AgX, symbolizes our scientific approach to consistently producing the finest quality images possible. “Ag” is the chemical symbol for silver and “X” refers to a halide or salt such as bromide or chloride. Combined, silver bromide and silver chloride are both light sensitive compounds used in chemical based imaging systems more commonly referred to as traditional photographic film and paper.

Though we are continuously adapting and incorporating new digital imaging solutions into our business will still remain committed to processing all E-6 films utilizing our state-of-the-art Refrema “Daylight” film processor. In addition we provide film to digital conversion of existing film images with the use of film Hasselblad Drum Scanners.

We have been in business since the summer of 1997. We started with six customers and have grown the business to now service more than seven hundred in North America. We also service European customers while they photograph here in North America. As the photographic industry continues to change we have continued to service and support industries that either still use film or have a need to convert large image libraries such as museums and historical societies to digital files.

Owner's Education
M.S., Photographic Science, Brooks Institute of Photography, 1992

Certificate Program, Rochester Institute of Technology, October 1990
Imaging and Photographic Science

B.S., Photography, Brooks Institute of Photography, 1990
Major in Color Technology, Minors in Architectural and Industrial Photography

A.A., Liberal Arts and Science, Holyoke Community College, MA 1985
Photographic Industry Experience
AgX Imaging
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
Owner/Operator, 1997 – Present

Eastman Kodak Company
Salt Lake Winter Olympic Games
Quality Control Specialist, February 2002

Eastman Kodak Company
Sydney Summer Olympic Games
Quality Control Specialist, September 2000

Eastman Kodak Company
Kuala Lumpur Commonwealth Games
Quality Control Specialist, September 1998

Armstrong Professional Photo Lab
Santa Barbara, California
Quality Control Manager, 1994 – 1997

Eastman Kodak Company
Atlanta Summer Olympic Games
Quality Control Specialist, August 1996

Eastman Kodak Company
Rochester, New York
Film Processing Specialist, 1993 - 1994

A & I Color Lab
Hollywood, California
Quality Control, Research and Development, 1990 – 1993

Brooks Institute of Photography
Santa Barbara, California
Teaching Assistant, 1988 – 1990

Daniel Stone
24-Mar-2011, 11:09
by "cheap" I didn't mean quality-wise.

I meant price. But since I now shoot 4x5 and 8x10 primarily, AGX's pricing seems better anyhow :). Just wish they could do c-41, cause I still have a buttload to use up before going all e-6.


Frank Petronio
24-Mar-2011, 12:03
Edgar Praus does it all very well, C41, E6, custom B&W, not the least expensive but better than the big city prices... http://WWW.4photolab.com. I think you get what you pay for with labs....

Kirk Gittings
24-Mar-2011, 12:34
I've had excellent service from Praus to.

24-Mar-2011, 19:16
A small consideration that I have for shooting black and white is that I develop my own film, and saves me A LOT on precessing. Last time I did colour 8x10 it was about $9/sheet to process, and I think E-6 is more than that. I couldn't afford this hobby if I shot colour!

Michael Wynd
27-Mar-2011, 02:30
Be glad yo're living where you are. Here in Australia 2 labs I have used charge $20 AUD per sheet.