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Robert Vigurs
23-Mar-2011, 20:50
I have recently discovered a new to me emulsion, called liquid light. I am going to buy some to tryout. It seems as though it is a gelatin based silver halide emulsion, that can be applied to various surfaces, and then exposed via an enlarger, and processed in the normal way. I am wondering if anyone here on the forum has any feedback on this process. Thanks in advance for any replies. Robert

23-Mar-2011, 22:04
hi robert

i have used it on glass for years and paper only recently
it is good stuff !
have fun !

David de Gruyl
24-Mar-2011, 04:31
I use the AgPlus (which has more silver) for aluminum and glass in camera. Dry plates, doncha know.

I can neither confirm nor deny that it works (well... it does work). Spreading it is a pain, but temperature is your friend.

30-Mar-2011, 18:24
I've used it a bit in the past. It works best on porous surfaces, thought the instructions should come with info on adhering it to other surfaces. It works best when you apply multiple (2-4) coats alternating application perpendicularly. Also, areas that are white on a normal print are transparent with LL, so if you coated a red piece of paper, the "white" areas on your print will show the base color.
It's fun to work with. I used it to print on a variety of paper textures or to get a "smear" effect when I'd run the emulsion over a limited range of the paper.

MIke Sherck
31-Mar-2011, 06:01
Liquid Light has been around for quite a while and there's a lot of information about using it on the net. It can be a bit tricky to use. It comes as a thick syrup in the bottle and you're supposed to heat it up a bit so it can flow onto your selected surface. But heat effects the resulting contrast -- higher heat increases contrast -- so you don't want to heat it up too much. As reported above, multiple coats can produce smoother, richer results, up to a point (and keep in mind that the emulsion is a photographic emulsion, sensitive to light.)

It's a lot of fun to play with and you'll enjoy it, just be prepared for a learning curve.


1-Apr-2011, 11:12
Is Liquid Light similar to Rollei Black Magic (Fotokemika VC) emulsion? Latter works great on artist canvas, if you prepare the canvas with gelatin, apply two thin coats and use small amount of chrome alum for hardening.

Drew Bedo
2-Apr-2011, 08:25
So what is t6he art involved in coating glass . . .what is the best way?

kev curry
2-Apr-2011, 09:19
You should have a look here if you haven't already. You can find Emil aka 'gandolfi' here on the forum.