View Full Version : Dektol, Formazo, and Fog on glass

Michael Carter
23-Mar-2011, 11:24
Formazo is a liquid emulsion that I put onto glass, 4x5, then develop in Dektol 1:2 or 1:3. Instructions on Dektol say the useful range of times are 3/4 to 3 or 4 min.. If development goes too far fog results. Is that correct? How long is too long? What does fog really look like? Do I really need to overdevelop a plate and sacrifice it to see fog. I've developed a lot of plates lately and some look white or grayish all over. Problem ones were underexposed then developed as much as 3 min 45 sec.. Is the gray stuff FOG?
I have a photo bracket test; the lightest areas are gray, not clear. Is that fog?
How do I eliminate it? More exposure and less developing time I suppose.
I'll upload it to photobucket and post a link soon

Michael Carter

Michael Carter
23-Mar-2011, 11:29