View Full Version : Mail order lab that offers 4x5 proofs?

John Rodriguez
23-Mar-2011, 09:06
After a few years of trying to get what I want out of digital SLRs I finally bought a 4x5 camera to try out. Since this is a trial for me I don't want to shell out more for a scanner yet, so I'm trying to find a lab that provides contact proofs by I've come up empty with my web searches so far. I work almost entirely in color, and will be shooting a mix of chromes and negatives. Anyone know of a lab that offers proofs from 4x5?

23-Mar-2011, 09:52

$3 + $8.50

Brian C. Miller
23-Mar-2011, 10:22
Welcome to the forum! Any lab that does 4x5 development and printing will also offer contact proofs. It may not be listed on the web order form, but they come four to a page, and it will be what they charge for an 8x10 print.

23-Mar-2011, 11:11
Proofs??!! How about who still processes 4x5 C41? I just looked on aandi.com and it appears that they do roll film only.

I didn't think I could ever afford large format color, so I've been doing only black and white. When I had a stunning image the other day, I exposed some color negative film. Now I can't find anyone to process it! All my Seattle labs have stopped and their equipment is rusting away.

Anybody have a lab to recommend?

23-Mar-2011, 12:14
Proofs??!! How about who still processes 4x5 C41? I just looked on aandi.com and it appears that ...

Click the link on post #2.

They are the only LF C-41 4x5 I know of in L.A., but I might not know all that there is to know.

Roger Cole
23-Mar-2011, 12:17
How about someone in the southeast, or at least eastern side of the country, for faster turn around?

If I get back into doing much color I'll just do my own again, but for an occasional few sheets it isn't worth it.

23-Mar-2011, 14:51
http://www.e-sixlab.com/ is probably your best bet for southeast US. I've never asked for proofs, only processing of C-41 and E-6.
I hear Praus Productions in NY gets good reviews, but I've never dealt with them.

Bob Kerner
23-Mar-2011, 16:58
I use Praus and think their contact sheets are very good. Excellent service and reasonable turn-arond time.


24-Mar-2011, 08:19
LTI in NYC fits your request. They process film and offer contact sheets. I use them for my processing. I never got a contact sheet. Their # is 212-685-7098

24-Mar-2011, 14:50
Another place in L.A. is the Icon at iconla.com

I was refer to this lab by the darkroom person at Freestyle.
They do E-6 and C-41.

I have not used them, so I am going by word of mouth.

On another subject. I have some 8X10 E-3 chrome film. Anyone know who can develop that stuff :confused:

Robert Belcher
24-Mar-2011, 18:36
Try Samy's Cameras in Santa Barbarba. Quick and reasonable. Email them at sbminilab@samys.com to get information, order forms and/or price list.