View Full Version : Lee filter holder sizes for 72XL and 210 APO Symmar L?

22-Mar-2011, 22:35
Hi all -

I'm a little uncertain as to which size of Lee push-on filter holder I would require for these two lenses.

I thought I'd read somewhere that the 100mm was the right one for the 72XL, but on Robert White's site, it seems to imply that the 115mm is necessary when also using center filter IVb (which is the center filter for the 72XL), possibly also along with a 115>100mm "donut spacer".

Schneider's lens chart gives the following:

72XL: 95mm thread, 100mm maximum diameter of front mount
210 Apo L: 77mm thread, 80mm maximum diameter of front mount

Does that imply that the 100mm push-on is indeed the correct one to use with the 72XL, even if the center filter is also attached?

Would I be correct in assuming that for the 210, I don't need to utilise a push-on holder, and instead can just use a standard adapter ring?

It's all very confusing, and any guidance would be much apprecaited as this stuff is expensive, and I'm mail ordering it "blind" from the UK to the UAE (I don't even have the lenses yet, and this is my first leap into the LF world).

TIA :)

Lachlan 717
22-Mar-2011, 22:59
The IVb has a massive front; much wider than 100mm.

You'll need either the Cokin X-Pro series, or the Lee SW150 series if you intend to use filters with the CF in place.

Tim Povlick
23-Mar-2011, 19:50
Hi Gerald,

The 210 lens you will really like. I can't speak to the 72XL having no experience with it.

The center filter for the XL is 112mm threads, so that will be to large for the Lee system. If you can get by without the center filter then the Lee system will work. Stepping up from the Lee system is a big step up.

If I may be so bold as to suggest trying the XL w/o center filter (or perhaps someone could comment on the CF really being required). Then once determined you will know if you can go with the Lee setup or not. The choice is how much vignette one is willing to tolerate.

The 210 has an OD of 80mm, so you may wish to use the threaded ring adapter for the Lee.


The Lee has a nice self supporting bellows that fits in front of everything and can be moved to any position and will stay on that position.

Good Luck and if you have any other questions please let us know.


Lachlan 717
23-Mar-2011, 23:31
Again, Lee has the SW150 series that will work with the IVb.

27-Mar-2011, 11:10
Thanks Tim, Lachlan for your help.

Much appreciated.