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22-Mar-2011, 17:32
Hi All,

Got this neat little cam today and I'm liking it so far. It has the infinity stops and the RF looks to be working so I've made some shots with it and so far so good. There are a few things I'm wondering about. It came with the roll film back but no ground glass (see pics) What do I need to get a ground glass on there?

Also the lensboard is a metal board with a raised area all around it that fit into a square channel inside the camera. Are these things like hens teeth? Are they any other boards that work for it?

I have other lenses I want to use with it, as long as I mark it appropriately I should be able to remove and reinstall the infinity stops at will right?

Thanks for any advice,


Revolucion Artistico
22-Mar-2011, 17:46
You're gonna need one of these


I've seen them go for more and some for less.

Last time I looked KEH had a couple of lens boards and midwest had a few blanks if you have a drill press. There is one guy making them out of carbon fiber on ebay and will cut any size hole for you, but yes in general they're kind of rare.

Revolucion Artistico
22-Mar-2011, 17:48
oh and yes you can redo the inf. stops for other lenses but the rangefinder will not focus them. You can use the ground glass and make other focus scales.

Jim Ewins
22-Mar-2011, 20:15
I milled a lens board for mine - what a chore. Developed some new skills.

22-Mar-2011, 21:14
If interested I have a body with the back you are looking for and 10 or so 2x3 film holders. As well as 1 or 2 lensboards.
PM me and we can talk.

Dan Fromm
23-Mar-2011, 03:01
Lens boards are available. Try www.mpex.com, if you find nothing on their site call them. Also try www.graflex.org.

Focusing panels are hard to find. Be patient. Until you have you you'll be able to use only the lens the RF is set up for. And pray that the RF is set up for the lens that came with the camera.

A film pack adapter with its back removed and a ground glass placed in a mutilated film pack will serve as a focusing panel until you can get a proper one. The film pack is essential for getting the GG in register with the film plane.

Do not remove the infinity stops. If your RF is set up properly you'll have to recalibrate after replacing them. This is a tedious unpleasant process.

Read here http://www.galerie-photo.com/2-lens-6x9-dan-fromm.html about what is sometimes called a "chinaman," which is in effect a movable infinity stop. You may also want to read http://www.galerie-photo.com/1-lens-6x9-dan-fromm.html and http://www.galerie-photo.com/3-lens-6x9-dan-fromm.html.

Jim Jones
23-Mar-2011, 06:36
Rather than move the existing infinity stops, an additional pair or two of stops lets one change instantly from one lens to another. I've made lens boards for the Pacemaker series of Graphic by rolling the edge of a sheet of aluminum to fit into the light trap groove. It took this klutz a while. Also, flat boards backed with foam may block enough light.

Buying an ugly Century with the focusing back and infinity stops may be more economical than buying just the back.

Dan -- Thanks for fascinating links.

23-Mar-2011, 06:54
I should have a pair of nfinity stops, I bought them for $30 when I had Century.
If you are interested PM.

24-Mar-2011, 04:23
SK Grimes in Rhode Island sells the lens boards for this camera. I bought from them and they are very reputable.

I found 2X3 film holders on E Bay. The issue of where to get sheet film is complicated. You can cut down sheet film or special order Ilford. Ilford does still carry sheet film and you need to allow for the extra time to ship from Europe. Freestype Photo in Los Angeles ordered my film and it took 6 weeks to get.

Ray Van Nes
24-Mar-2011, 07:56
I have a 2x3 Century and love it. Have travelled around the world with it. Have several lenses. Starting with with 65mm Super Angulon, standard 100mm Zeiss, 180 and 240 mm Tele Artons. You can get Efke sheet film through Freestyle in a number of different speeds. Generally I use roll film backs which are plentiful on Ebay. You can also use 2x3 Grafmatic holders with 6 sheets - rarer.

24-Mar-2011, 18:47
2x3 holders up for sale.
Thanks for looking