View Full Version : Small Footprint 4x5 Graflok Back for DIY Project?

21-Mar-2011, 14:50
I finished CLA'ing the shutter on my Tele-Graflex, the next step of the process is installing a Graflok back, so I can use my Grafmatics/Polaroids/DDS holders on it.

I bought a Speed Graphic back with the intention of cutting it down, drilling out new holes in it to match the back of the Tele-Graflex, and screwing it in in place of the Graflex back, but upon further sizing up of the underside of the Speed back, cutting away enough of the sides to fit it on the back would make it difficult to mount, since much of the underside is hollow.

I also have a 4x5 Gowland Pocket View, and the removable back on that fits where the Graflex goes like a charm (would need a bit of shimming on either side to keep it steady, and a bit of a spacer to make it line up with the ground glass on the top of the camera). I'm not about to drill any holes in that, however. Does anyone know where I might be able to source something of similar dimensions relatively cheaply?

21-Mar-2011, 23:32
look for Calumet backs... not the ones for the old bulky cc400/cc402.... but rather the backs for the lesser priced monorails. They are very much like the backs on the Gowland Pocket in size. In fact, I had a Calumet that was a rebranded Gowland Pocket. Calumet was not a camera maker, but rather a marketing company, and the backs on the later monorails may have come from the same source as the Calumet/Gowland hybrid and the Gowland Pockets.

Lower priced Cambo monorails may also be a source of the same parts.

Gowland still shows a parts list for the pocket parts on their site at www.gowland.com

23-Mar-2011, 12:36
Awesome, exactly what I was hoping to find out. I'll keep my eye out!

24-Mar-2011, 00:10
The web site for Gowland is www.petergowland.com

Not www.gowland.com

you'll get the home page. Then click on the Gow Cameras link.