View Full Version : Arca Swiss 6X9 Monolith ?

Mike Devlin
11-Jul-2000, 12:46
I am considering buying an Arca Swiss 6X9 Monolith, the bulk of my work is architecture, but am also involved is some studio work, it is also probable that I will be moving into the digital capture area within the next two years. After looking around it seems most photographers are using the "F metric C" version, and not the Monolith, is this just a weight consideration or is there something I'm missing ??

Any comments about the Monolith would be greatly appreciated


Ellis Vener
11-Jul-2000, 14:34
The Monolith is really at home in the studio, primarily because of the size and weight issues. the F-line works very well in both field and studio applications, especially if you you have the Metric version with the Orbix accessory.

Larry Huppert
11-Jul-2000, 17:46
I use an Arca Swiss F Metric for architecture, and find it great. Just this afternoon, it was great having the geared movements while working off the top of a not so stable ladder. I've done a small amount of table top work with it as well. It seemed equally good in the studio.