View Full Version : Ghost image with SA 47XL?

Paul Schilliger
12-Jul-2000, 04:00
I just received some slides from the lab and some of the shots taken with a 47XL and center filter are affected with a strong ghost image ring. Since the sun wa s on the side, I suppose there has been a reflection from the lens to the center filter and back to the film? Actually, some of the motives photographed are dup licated into this half ring. This is the first time such thing appears to me. Ha s anyone had similar experiences?

12-Jul-2000, 08:39
I have had ghosting with a 58mm XL with a scene that had a specular source in the background. Surprised me a little since I didn't quite see it on the glass.

But put it this way - I can imagine it would have happened with any other lens near that focal length as well.

Whatever it is, it's a great great lens.

Howard Slavitt
12-Jul-2000, 11:09
I've never seen ghosting with my 58 mm XL, which I use with a centerfilter and use a lot, in all kinds of lighting situations, including strong backlighting. Great lens. Knock on wood.

Paul Schilliger
12-Jul-2000, 18:00
It just comes back to me that the shots where taken WITHOUT the center filter! I was taking a field of sunflowers and the breeze moved the flowers without ceasing, and as the images w here meant to be cropped as panoramics anyway, I decided to do without the center filter and gain two stops. Not a good idea?