View Full Version : Where can I have a lens put in a helical mount?

11-Jul-2000, 00:36
Playing with making a focusable box camera. Anyone know someone who can put a mo dern LF lens into a helical mount, ala Silvestri and Cambo wide? (in the US, pre ferably; I'd rather not send my lens to Italy or Holland.) Don't need a focusing /d.o.f. scale--just a means of focusing without a bellows and rail. Any suggesti ons?

John Hicks
11-Jul-2000, 00:55
Rodenstock sells helical mounts for their lenses; I believe Schneider does also. They're pretty expensive.

Otherwise, you might experiment with the lens mount for a Graflex XL, which is a big helicoid. Also there's the Mamiya Press helicoids.

David A. Goldfarb
11-Jul-2000, 01:23
You could try to adapt a Bronica S2/S2A helical mount (the focus mount was designed to be separate from the lens on this system). It has a 57x1mm thread mount for your lens, but you might have to do some machining to attach it to a lensboard. I saw a few of them for sale at The F-Stops Here website.

14-Jul-2000, 07:53
Here is a home made alternative to focussing without a bellows or rail.....http://job.webstar.nl/newcampg.html

14-Jul-2000, 08:01
Or rather more accurately here.......http://job.webstar.nl/cam3pg.html