View Full Version : Century 4x5 Help indentify the model

19-Mar-2011, 16:53
I have a century 4x5 that dosen't look exactly like any models I have researched so far any help would be great i'll post pics. it extwends aprox 14 inches, on the lens it saysplanatic 4x5 series lll century camera co. equiv. focus 6 1/4 ,,front focus 14 1/2
back focus 10 1/2 ,, under the f stop adjuster lever on the shutter housing it says wollensak opt co. rochester ny. inside of the box on the top panel stamped into the wood is the # 31633 the bellows look perfect, the back glass is cracked horizontally but all there. every thing functions well , only other thing not right is the f stop plate is missing though someone made one out of hard fiber but with correct screws, go figure

Jim C.
19-Mar-2011, 21:55
Century Grand 4x5 ?
I have the 5x7 version and it looks very similar especially the bellows extension.
Only difference with mine is that the range finder thingy is on the left on yours
mine is on the right side.

21-Mar-2011, 20:49
thanks jim