View Full Version : Hugo meyer triple convertible... any info on this lens?

Revolucion Artistico
19-Mar-2011, 15:24
Hello, I just purchased a triple convertible Hugo Meyer Gorlitz lens in a compur shutter. The shutter is only firing at one speed but I'll get that sorted later unless someone knows a good tech in Southern California to send it to. What I really need is any info on this lens as I haven't been able to find any on Google, here etc. It says Plasmatlinse 1:8 F=25cm on the front element (but I'm guessing that to make it a triple the front and rear are interchangeable?) and the rear says :lasmatlinse 1:11 F=36cm and under that Satz Plasmat 1:4.5 F=36/25 = 17.3cm. So obviously it's a 17.3/25/36cm triple but how is each focal length achieved? Front element only, rear element only, rear element on front, switch front element and back element? Any info on this lens and it's use will be much appreciated and sorry I'm kinda new at this so please be specific. Sorry for the long post... waaaay too much coffee today:D


19-Mar-2011, 16:21
If it's like my BL and Zeiss triples, the 17.5 is both elements together, the 25 is the rear element only in the rear position, and the 36 is the rear element removed and replaced by the front element in the rear position.

Steven Tribe
19-Mar-2011, 16:59
You have posted the wrong place!
Agree with j.e.
The longer focal plastmat cell (with most info!) should be used in the front cell when getting the 17.5cm focal length with both.
The F scale should show three scales for the three uses.

Revolucion Artistico
19-Mar-2011, 17:11
Yeah I realized that I posted this in the wrong spot right after I did it, one of the many hazards of accessing this website on my phone, but not as bad as impulsive classified purchases. Ok that makes sense. Thank you both for the responses. Now to see if I can get the shutter fixed as it looks like it's only firing at about 1/30th at all speeds when fired next to a known accurate shutter.