View Full Version : What can I fit in a Copal O shutter?

19-Mar-2011, 15:09
Thanks to generosity of another LFF member I have a spare copal O shutter.
I'd like to get hold of something either fun or useful to mount in it.
I'm thinking either easily obtainable cells or something funky for 4x5 to use on a pacemaker Graphic.
Already have 90mm and a 7" Aero Ektar.
Any ideas folks?

19-Mar-2011, 16:23
buy a holga lens from freestyle. or a magnifying glass.

22-Mar-2011, 01:49
Thanks Vinny ,I'm really looking for ideas on easily obtainable cells and stuff that will screw straight in, a holga lens barely covers 2 1/4 let alone 4x5!
Any other ideas folks?

Lachlan 717
22-Mar-2011, 02:21
Try the bottom of a Coke bottle….

Jim Galli
22-Mar-2011, 08:57
Most of the LF Schneider enlarging lenses, like 150mm Componon-S etc. will come out of barrel and go directly into Copal 0 up through the 150mm. 180mm takes Copal 1.

Struan Gray
22-Mar-2011, 09:14
The rear half of the 90 will be funky, and will cover.

22-Mar-2011, 09:21
Almost every "modern" lens line-up like the Clarons, Symmars, Super Angulons etc.. have a focal length that will screw into a Copal 0. Those are all modern boring lenses though. You could try to find a really small old lens that you could front mount the Copal too. Some of the old wide angle brass lenses might be small enough.

24-Mar-2011, 12:23
Try the bottom of a Coke bottle….
Is there a special copal 0 coke bottle?
Thanks for some useful suggestions too though chaps.