View Full Version : Need fast 105mm lens for 4x5 - recommendations?

19-Mar-2011, 11:57
Hi All,

I've tried to standardize on f/5.6 lenses for my 4x5 because they give a brighter GG image and more precise focus.

So far I've been successful on eight different FLs from 65mm through 300mm, but I can't find a suitable 105mm lens.

I want something with a large image circle, at least 235mm. The Fuji SWD series would work, except the longest FL is 90mm (which I have).

Any suggestions?


- Leigh

Steve Hamley
19-Mar-2011, 12:18
If you can stand 110mm, then the Schneider f:5.6 SS XL would be ideal. If you can stand f:8 and 111mm, the Goerz 4-3/8" WA Dagor. There aren't many choices in 105mm that cover 235mm.

Cheers, Steve

19-Mar-2011, 12:22
Thanks for the info, Steve.

I'm really trying to hit 105. I want one right in between my 90 and 120. If necessary I'll go with a slower lens.

- Leigh

19-Mar-2011, 12:27
That's really splitting hairs.

19-Mar-2011, 12:29
That's really splitting hairs.
Yep, 'tis. :cool: I'm a picky person. ;)

- Leigh

Gem Singer
19-Mar-2011, 13:41
The need for a fast 105 with a large image circle greatly limits your choices.

If you're willing to settle for a slightly slower lens, Fuji makes an f8 105SW that has a 250mm image circle.

The two that I have owned were blazing sharp, and I never had a problem focusing in dim light with the f8 maximum aperture. I used those lenses for both 4x5 and 5x7.

Good previously owned Fuji f8 105SW's are difficult to find and usually demand a high price.

The Fujinon f5.6 105 CM-W is a faster lens with less coverage. However, its image circle will cover 4x5 with limited movements.

19-Mar-2011, 13:47
Hi Gem,

I had considered the 105 CM-W, but with only a 174mm image circle it affords almost no movements.

I'll probably end up with the 105 SW as being the closest to what I want, even though it's a full stop slower.

I have a couple of other Fujinon lenses in the collection and they perform very well.

Thanks for the info.

- Leigh

Nicholas F. Jones
19-Mar-2011, 13:52
Since you'll go slower, then how about the Fujinon SW 105 f/8, with image circle of 250mm at f/22? Plenty bright enough for me on 5x7. Some people say they're hard to find, although last time I checked Robert White was offering it new. I took a chance on a bargain-basement pre-owned example with "Schneideritis" and it performs beautifully for me on b&w (the seller said color might be otherwise, but I can't comment on that).

19-Mar-2011, 13:54
Robert White???

- Leigh

Gem Singer
19-Mar-2011, 13:58
I just did a quick search. KEH has a previously owned Fuji f8 105SW listed for $465 in Ex condition.

It has a dented filter ring, thus the low price. I have my doubts about the condition.

A few years ago, I paid $650-$700 for the ones that I owned.

Sometimes, Jim at Midwest Photo manages to find used Fuji lenses in better condition.

Email jim@mpex.com

(BTW, Robert White is in the UK)

Nicholas F. Jones
19-Mar-2011, 14:17
Yes, Leigh, Robert White! A business, not an individual person--I can see how misleading just the name is, sorry.


What with all the taxes, ... whew!

John NYC
19-Mar-2011, 14:24
Sometimes, Jim at Midwest Photo manages to find used Fuji lenses in better condition.

Email jim@mpex.com

I can't even find the used section anymore on Midwest's website. And, even more interesting, is they don't seem to stock LF lenses new at all anymore... or at least they are not where they should be on the website: lenses -> large format.

Gem Singer
19-Mar-2011, 14:31

Click on "film cameras". That will bring you to the 'large format" page where you can find new and used equipment.

An Email to Jim will get you the fastest results. He doesn't hang around the store answering phone calls anymore.

Brian C. Miller
19-Mar-2011, 14:36
John, try this: Film cameras / large format / lenses (http://www.mpex.com/browse.cfm/2,1064.html)

Eric Leppanen
19-Mar-2011, 16:01
I have no history or other affiliation with the seller:


This lens appears to have the Fuji version of "Schneideritus", which really doesn't affect image quality in any significant way yet substantially reduces lens resale value. This could a reasonable deal if the glass is otherwise clean.

Of course the seller is in Tokyo, hopefully he/she is still OK...

Nicholas F. Jones
19-Mar-2011, 17:02
The condition of my Fujinon 105mm is very similar, possibly a little "worse", than that of the above ebay offering. Nor do I have any connection with the seller of that lens. I bought my lens over the telephone from Igor's in Cleveland, Ohio. Except for the flecks on the front element like those in pic #6, my lens appears brand new (coincidentally, I mounted mine on a Nikon board as well). The price was about the same. So far as I can see (from printing 5x7s negs on 16x20), the "Fujinonitis" or "Fuji-itis" has no discernible effects on image quality, at least not when shooting b&w on 5x7.

John NYC
19-Mar-2011, 19:50
John, try this: Film cameras / large format / lenses (http://www.mpex.com/browse.cfm/2,1064.html)

Thanks Brian and Gem!

21-Mar-2011, 00:35
I was watching that item and purchased it before I found this thread. I too hope they are okay. If they are and I get the lens, I'll let you know how it goes. I have two other Fuji's, the 120 f/8, and the 250 f/6.7, and they are both excellent. Like Leigh, I don't like the angle of view from the 90's, so I'm hoping this 105 will be the happy medium.


21-Mar-2011, 00:43
PS, my Fujinon 250 has a good bit of "Fujiitis" and I've shot some great color images with it, so I expect the 105 should be the same.

24-Mar-2011, 17:32
So... the 105 f8 showed up today. Super fast seeing as I paid for it on Monday. Other than the Fujiitus, it is immaculate, literally. The glass and all exterior components cannot be distinguished from new other than that. It has the nice newer black Copal shutter which also sounds spot on and is buttery smooth. Couldn't be happier with it. Planning on doing some color night shots on Friday so we'll see how it performs. :)