View Full Version : Goerz dagor 12" f6.8

Mark DeMulder
4-Oct-2000, 20:35
I have the opportunity to buy a Goerz dagor 12" f6.8 in an Ilex #4 shutter. I h ave three questions about this lens. First is that there are several scratches on the rear element, in the center area. They might be about a mm long. Does t his ruin the lens, or does it still have potential for making sharp photos? Sec ond is the price, it is $250, other than the scratches on the rear element it is in good condition and the shutter is in good shape. Third, the Ilex shutter ha s a little dial-like selector with four colors as the choices, it almost seems a s though it was intended to dial in filters. Does anyone know what this dial is for?

As always, I really appreciate your help.

Michael S. Briggs
4-Oct-2000, 21:27
The dial is for selecting the flash-synchronization delay in milliseconds. For electronic flash you want the zero setting. You also have to cock the flash synchronizer in addition to the shutter.

This is explained by S. K. Grimes on his web site: http://www.skgrimes.com/ilex/index.htm

David A. Goldfarb
4-Oct-2000, 21:44
Scratches on the rear element are more detrimental than scratches on the front, but you'll have to test it and see. See if the dealer will let you purchase it on approval. It's a wonderful lens, and the price is fine if the damage is not too severe.