View Full Version : Lens Choices for 6x7 format, with an Arca 6x9 F-Line???

Robert J Pellegrino
10-Jul-2000, 22:06
Hello, I would like to get some lens recommendations for medium format view came ras. I'm putting together an Arca 6x9 F-line outfit. I would like to use the 6x 7 film format with this camera. Thus high lens resolution is an important issue for me. I'm looking for a lens in the 120-150mm focal length range. I really wan t to make the most of the relatively small film area offered by the 6x7 format, therefore I'm intrested in lenes with a high resolving power for their given foc al length. Thanks for your help. Bob Pellegrino

William Marderness
10-Jul-2000, 22:14
Super Symmar 120mm HM.

neil poulsen
10-Jul-2000, 22:31
Another option is the Apo-Symmar 120mm. This has an image diameter of 179mm and provides plenty of coverage for 6x7. In fact, it covers 4x5 with minimal movements. It is also very sharp. I just purchased one on EBay for the same purpose, but haven't yet had the chance to try it out.

Ellis Vener
12-Jul-2000, 02:01
The 110mm F/5.6 XL Super Symmar from Schneider.

Robert J Pellegrino
13-Jul-2000, 22:54
So far only lens from Schneider seem to mentioned, any recommendations from Rodenstock?

Glenn Kroeger
14-Jul-2000, 08:50
Bob... I used a 120 Apo-Symmar when I was shooting primarily 6x9. Wonderful lens, very sharp, very small and light. I use the 110XL for 4x5, and love it, but all of its wonderfulness is overkill for 6x9 since its real strength is coverage. A 120 is about equivalent to a 180 in 4x5. If you like something a bit longer, say equivalent to a 210, go with the 135mm Sironar-S from Rodenstock. All of the lenses in the Apo-Symmar and Sironar-S series are great, with a very slight edge to the Sironar-S at a given focal length (based on MTF curves).