View Full Version : info wanted on GOERZ SPECIAL X LENS

ian leeden
18-Mar-2011, 18:00
Has anybody any info on this barrel lens ..... it`s marked on the rim CP GOERZ AM OPT Co SPECIAL X 51/4 IN. F4.5 No 777165 it has matching serial number on the rear element and is coated. I just wondered is it a camera lens or some sort of process lens.

ian leeden
18-Mar-2011, 18:17
Here`s a photo of the lens.

18-Mar-2011, 19:38
I wondered about that too. You can hold it to a light and count the reflections in the back and the front, but I cant remember how many a tessar or a dialyte show, someone else will.

Working with a new curve today and if it is OK that print will be on the way next week.

Good luck Rip van Winkle.

Dan Fromm
18-Mar-2011, 21:17
If Tessar, 4 strong reflections from the front cell, 2 strong reflections and one weak from the rear cell. The weak reflection may be hard to see.

If dialyte or 4 element double Gauss, 4 strong reflections from each cell.

If triplet, 4 strong reflections from the front cell, 2 strong, no weak, from the rear cell.

18-Mar-2011, 22:17
Actually, I did look it up in the Vade Mecum at the time but came up with nothing.

9-Nov-2012, 06:27
Ok, so here's another that I bought from Bill Kemp, whose father worked for Goerz AO while it became part of Killmorgen (sp).

It's in like new shape, but SN indicates its older than the 5-1/2" in OP


It's large with a 44mm filter thread & about 4x the weight of my 165 Dagor. It's also a f4.5.

What do you all think it is?


E. von Hoegh
9-Nov-2012, 07:58
Looks like it might be a Tessar, based on the reflections.

11-Nov-2012, 05:49
Thanks E, for that. I keep wondering what Goerz was doing with a lens type that made over many years yet never made any press release notice. The OP lens was about 1953 & this one 1948. It does have an inspection note dated 1968, it's in like new condition here in 2012 while its 65 years old. The box describes it as a Test Lens and nob (not original box?).