View Full Version : lens mounting wrench and adjustable spanner wrench

David Solow
18-Mar-2011, 07:36
I have just bought a Schneider 150mm f5.6 Apo-Symmar MC lens and Sinar lens board for my 4x5 Sinar P2 camera. I am just returning to 4x5 cameras after a 30 year break. I have put a lens on a lens board before. I was reading on this site how to do it. It said to use a lens mounting wrench or an adjustable spanner wrench. Can I attach the lens by hand? I don't want to attach the lens to the lens board incorrectly. Any and all advice would be appreciated.

David Solow
18-Mar-2011, 07:39
My previous post should have said,"I have NOT put a lens on lens board before", instead of, "I have put a lens on a lens board before."

Louis Pacilla
18-Mar-2011, 07:55
Welcome back!

Yes. You can easily mount your lens w/out a spanner wrench. Just make sure the small screw sometimes present on the back of the shutter is removed. This screw is for keeping the shutter from spinning on the board when you turn a dial. This screw is NOT necessary. Most times this screw has already been removed. Check before the mounting.

Just screw the shutter down until on final tightening the face is in the correct position. The nut may need to be loosened a bit & rearranged so that on final tightening the shutter face is in correct position.
That's it. should work out fine.

All that said, you should buy a well made lens spanner wrench one day .