View Full Version : Best paper focuser for T-Max 100 (4x5 negs)

1-Oct-2000, 12:32
I am having trouble cleanly resolving T-Max 100 negatives in the darkroom. The grain structure is so small that I am not at all sure that my focusing is correc t. I am considering buying a Peak 1 focuser but will it do the job? Is there a better way? Sincerely, Jerry

Kenneth Grunzweig
1-Oct-2000, 16:05
I use a Peak grain focuser and it works. It is important to first make sure your focuser is adjusted for your vision. The TMAX grain is hard to see, so focus on some detailed area of the image. That works for me.



andrea milano
2-Oct-2000, 07:20
actually it has not much to do with your focuser, or much to do with the emulsion but merely with the ratio negative size-print size. Regardless to the quality of the focuser the grain is relatively too small. you have to focus, then, on lines or actual parts of the negative wich will be visible in your focuser. That's all! Anyway, I have a Peak type II and works very well, before I had a simple paterson and it did the job almost as well.