View Full Version : Any history you can give me on this Autex shutter and lens?

17-Mar-2011, 02:02
I know Hasselblad cameras. I know very little of large format. A client has asked me to liquidate several of his photographic items that I'm not overly familiar with so I appeal to you guys for some insights on some of these things.

Many of these things have simply piqued my interest. I doubt they will bring loads of money but I'd just like to know the bit of history behind it if you guys can share your knowledge.

What is the history of this autex shutter? Clearly the lens is shot but the shutter seems to be working well to my surprise. Of course I don't have a speed machine to test it.

I'll appreciate any insights. If I've posted in the wrong place for this type of question please let me know but I guess the moderators can take care of it if I have.

thanks in advance,




Steven Tribe
17-Mar-2011, 03:22
The Autex was the standard shutter from Wollensak before they started their "Greek" series - Alphax, Beta etc.
There is some info from the search function here.
I am sure someone can identify the lens. The front/rear lenses have F.11 and F.14 respectively and the two combined produce the F.6.8.
I note it has an extra Wide Angle marking 1 - 5 on the dial - Turner Reich?
The Turner Reich (5 + 5) experts will write more about it.
The complete breakdown of at least one of the Balsam layers is unfortunately, common.

Jim Galli
17-Mar-2011, 21:53
I think Stephen has probably nailed it. There was a 6 1/4", 11", 14" Turner Reich triple convertible starting around 1895. The shutter is 1905 - ish and later I think. It was a 4X5 lens. It's probably worth $20 even in the shape it's in. Autex is nobody's favorite. My own experience is if they work, great, if they don't, you probably aren't going to fix it. The lens is repairable. You'd need a lathe and some skill, but it could be done. Labor intensive and you could spend $250 on it and have a $40 lens. Turner Reich lenses seem to be bottom barrel LF, but I get along with them just fine. Is there any script at all on either of the brass barrels?

18-Mar-2011, 01:45
This is closed eBay auction is for the same lens, right? This one is marked in US stops, however.


I have a similar lens I've yet to use, a Conley "Three Focus" Rapid Rectilinear for Whole Plate, 10", 17" and 23" convertible/f8. Its shutter is identical-looking, but marked "Conley Safety". Its speeds appear by eye to be consistent, although 1/100th looks more like 1/50th. I gotta use it...