View Full Version : Any good lens repair service in UK?

16-Mar-2011, 15:05
Hi!, I need to have the copal 1 on my 210mm symmar-s serviced, but it seems like I can not find any repair service for LF lenses around, does anybody have suggestions?

Also, do you think it can be fixed? The problem appears on shutter speeds slower than 1/8th, sometimes the mechanism stops, other it just slow down and sometimes it moves erratically. On B and T works perfectly.
Thanks to everyone who can help me!

Dan Fromm
16-Mar-2011, 15:23
Ask here: http://www.lf-photo.org.uk/forum/

I understand that the natives are friendly.

Acheron Photography
17-Mar-2011, 00:33
The natives are friendly... and one of the things they will probably tell you is to try Black on White in Bristol. They certainly did a great job for me on a Copal 1 which KEH had lied to me about...




George Hart
17-Mar-2011, 00:46
There's also Newton Ellis in Liverpool, http://www.newtonellis.co.uk/. They have done good work for me.

David Low
17-Mar-2011, 13:23
I have used Clock Tower Cameras in Brighton a couple of times for different cla/shutter repairs with good results. Most recently a synchro-compur 1 with erratic slow speeds that for good measure then completely jammed as well. Just over a week to repair it to as good as new, and the price I thought was very reasonable.

17-Mar-2011, 13:35
If you're in the SE I've used both Protech in Sussex http://www.protechrepairs.co.uk/ and Graham Playford in London http://www.playfordrepairs.com/ to overhaul Copals. Both took a week or less and were good value (~60quid for a CLA as i recall...)