View Full Version : VC Printing Filtration Settings

Bill Kumpf
16-Mar-2011, 05:29
In my darkroom I recently switched from printing with multigrade filters to using a Beseler Dichro 45S head. I use mostly Ilford Multigrade FB VC and Orintal VC paper.

I would appreciate a good starting point for filtration giving constant exposure for these two papers.

Thank you in advance.

Oren Grad
16-Mar-2011, 06:09
The datasheet that comes in each box of Ilford Multigrade paper has two sets of recommended filtration settings for color heads, one of which is for constant exposure - look along the bottom of the sheet.

Bill Kumpf
16-Mar-2011, 07:05
dud... Thanks.

It was where too early in the morning.