View Full Version : Can any one help identify this lens and bits

15-Mar-2011, 10:36
Hi has any one any idea what this lens is I won it today on flea bay
The seller said no markings on it

15-Mar-2011, 10:46
Looks like a nice rapid rectilinear lens--hard to tell the coverage, but the seller mentions a 1" aperture at wide open (f/8). That would make it an 8" lens, but I think it may be a bit longer from the look of it. Maybe it'll cover 8x10. Seems like the price is a bargain. There are also some miscellaneous brass camera parts-- a random flange, lens board retaining strips, a standard (?), brass base rails (?) some knobs and screws. Good stuff if you like to fix up old cameras.

Jim Galli
15-Mar-2011, 10:53
I'll concur that it's likely an Aplanat ~ Rapid Rectilinear. Machining on the front looks like some of my Ross lenses.

Steven Tribe
15-Mar-2011, 11:39
I "watched" this one - don't know why 'cos I have a lot of these already! Very clean for the period - looks a lot like the Optimus type made for Perken Rayment. Parts look like they are from a Lancaster camera. I guessed it was a 1/4 plate 4x5" sized lens.