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Ramiro Elena
15-Mar-2011, 04:04
I know it has been discussed previously but would love practical insight.

Just picked up the lens from the post office and to my surprise the rear of the lens just doesn't fit through the standard's light trap. I wasn't expecting this.

Mine has an aluminum retaining ring.

I looked over at Graflex.org, here and Photo.net and all I could find is the radioactive matter which is of no interest to me.

I am mainly interested in knowing if those who actually have this combo mounted had to file down the light trap in their Speeds.

I am aware of SK Grimes (not shipping the whole thing over) and the JoLo lens board that costs 115. Not interested in putting more money on it either.

If I went down the light trap filing, I suspect the back of the lens would hit the bellows anyway, right?

Any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Paul Ewins
15-Mar-2011, 04:53
Yes, I had to open up the front standard slightly but it just clears the bellows so there shouldn't be any vignetting.


15-Mar-2011, 05:03



These two sites show the 7" Aero Ektars mounted in Speed Graphics. The first picture shows the use of a cone, similar to the JoLo lens board, and the second shows a rear view of the front standard with the lens mounted (also using a JoLo board). You've probably already seen these, but in case you haven't they do show some mechanical details.

Rick "who would be tempted to make a lens cone from Schedule 40 PVC pipe if unwilling to buy the custom board" Denney

Frank Petronio
15-Mar-2011, 05:04
The Aero came in many variations of mounts so it is possible you got the extra-fat one. Just take a file to it and chop away.

Ramiro Elena
15-Mar-2011, 13:34
Thanks for the replies guys. I wanted to make sure before I went in with the axe.

I filed down the standard already, didn't take much. The lens barely needs 1mm to go through.
Now I'll need to figure out how to use the retaining ring. I thought it would be easier having one but this thing is bigger than I thought. I mounted a Pentac pretty easily.

Here's the ring:

Ramiro Elena
16-Mar-2011, 12:41
I had not seen this site before, pretty good information.

I went ahead and cut the retainer in two halves. One behind the lens board and one in front (the wider half).
Seems to hold okay but I get the feeling a larger spacer could work better.

25-Mar-2011, 18:21
I solved the problem of the Aero Ektar not fitting through the Graphic's standards by machining down the diameter of the rear cell. The attached photos show the mounting job I did for a client who did not want to modify the Graphic.

Ramiro Elena
26-Mar-2011, 01:52