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14-Mar-2011, 15:45
Have you ever tried processing film in a paper processing tube? You would have to put the film in emulsion up but what would happen to the other side,would it get any chemistry on that side of the film.I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried it.

14-Mar-2011, 18:06
This is actually a fairly common practice.

Doug Herta
14-Mar-2011, 23:09
I use the 8X10 Jobo paper tubes to process 8X10 e6 and c41 on the Jobo CPP processor. Haven't had problems.

John Kasaian
14-Mar-2011, 23:36
I use a Unicolor paper tube to develop 8x10. It works fine & suits my temperment (I get bored easily :D) little ridges in the tube keep the back of the filmwaysron the sides so the chemistry can get at it.
I do not use a paper drum for prints That would defeat my purpose,which is watching the image materialize in a tray under a safelight ;).

Pat Kearns
15-Mar-2011, 10:05
I use the Beseler 8x10 color drum. You can put 1 - 8x10 or 4 - 4x5 negs or 2 - 5x7 in a drum.