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13-Mar-2011, 10:17
Bought myself a Contessa Nettel 13x18.

This is my next project. The shutter looks like someone has gutted a few parts for a repair job, but I'm trying my best to leave all the bits that are left where they are for now.

How can I reset the infinity lock? I can't seem to work out how to readjust its placement. I have a shorter lens I'd like to use, but when I move the struts far enough back it disengages and wants to fold in!

Anyone else have one of these or know where some literature can be found?


Nathan Smith
14-Mar-2011, 05:51
What model is it - is this the Deckrullo that was on the 'bay recently?

Just saw this, looks like you'd need to email for a scan of the appropriate page: http://www.vintagephoto.tv/cncat.shtml

14-Mar-2011, 06:16
Yea I got a Deckrullo from Germany. It has a broken/gutted shutter and missing some pieces. No lens.

Ideal base for a project. Unfortunately I took out the brand new hole cutter and as I attached it to the drill a piece went flying off, so I don't have a lens-hole cutter at the moment.

Nathan Smith
14-Mar-2011, 07:15
Do you plan to shoot 13x18 film or convert it to another size?

I have an Ernemann 13x18 that I'm planning to make a 5x7 back for since 13x18 film is hard to find here in the US, and I don't have any 13x18 holders anyway. I want to make my new back to fit as the original does so I don't have to alter the camera .. except for a focusing scale.

14-Mar-2011, 08:14
Probably do the same as I did with the Goerz strut camera, remove the back and all the excess, and set a 5x7 spring back as deep as possible.

Needs to be deep to stay flush with the camera, and avoid light leaks from anything removed from the sides.

I was thinking about shooting 13x18 but realised there's no point - 5x7 is close enough. I already have a couple 5x7 holders and can get the film easy enough. It's cheaper to fix a new back in place than try find the original holders anyway.