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Mark Sampson
11-Mar-2011, 16:10
I was up in the attic, looking for something else, and found an "F-R Adjustable Cut-Film-Pack Developing Tank". I don't remember how I got it, or how long ago. It holds 12 sheets of film, up to 4x5 in size. I've never used it; in fact it looks almost new (if a little dusty). It's meant for daylight use. Does anyone know if this tank actually works, i.e. provides even development? I'd rather pick the old-timer's brains before I risk, or waste, any film. (I do remember the F-R brand name on plastic tanks for roll film, and chemistry, from when I was starting out, but that was before 1980, so I guess I'm an almost old-timer now.)

W K Longcor
11-Mar-2011, 16:41
99% of the members here will tell you that you can not get even development with these tanks. I used one back in the 1960's -- b&w images with smooth seamless backgrounds -- after a bit of experimentation -- I always got very good, even results -- but that's just from 1% of the population.

14-Mar-2011, 21:26
It's the Yankee sheet film tanks that have the bad reputation - I've never heard much of anything about the FR tanks. It sounds like a bit of experimentation will get it working.