View Full Version : Lensboard for Chamonix 4x5 - Will these work?

11-Mar-2011, 05:02
I'm ordering a Chamonix 4x5 in April and have already acquired most of what I need for shooting including a lens. All that's missing now (other than the camera) is a lensboard. I have read that there might be a few issues with using generic Technika type lensboards on the Chamonix. Can anyone tell me whether the boards available at Badger Graphic or Robert White work with the Chamonix?

Larry Gebhardt
11-Mar-2011, 05:11
I have used the shen hao boards from Badger Graphic without problem. I have a mix of Technika type boards and they all seem to fit ok. The best ones are some of the older generic boards from Badger.

11-Mar-2011, 06:30
Thanks! I should've also clarified, it's for a Chamonix 45N-2.

Gem Singer
11-Mar-2011, 07:06
The Chamonix website states that all standard Linhof Tech type lens boards will fit the 45N-2.