View Full Version : Chamonix bellows

10-Mar-2011, 17:26
I am contemplating using a Chamonix universal bellows in a DIY project I have in mind and need some dimensions for the [they appear to be] metal frames at either end of the bellow where the bellow connect to the front and rear standards.

Can someone provide me with the outside measurements [in mm if possible] of both the front and rear metal frames attached to the bellows?

Also if it isn't too much trouble the internal measurement for the rear frame where the bellows attaches.



Jan Pedersen
10-Mar-2011, 20:05
Steve, what camera size? I have a universal or bag bellows for my 8x10 but there's no metal in the frame on that one.

11-Mar-2011, 07:00
Sorry about that :) I remembered as I was out this afternoon away from the computer that I hadn't told the size I was looking for.

A 4x5 Chamonix.