View Full Version : 19 inch Goerz Artar red dot

rich caramadre
10-Mar-2011, 08:15
Dose anyone have experience shooting this lens with color.? Either neg or trans.

E. von Hoegh
10-Mar-2011, 08:27
It will be lovely. Quite sharp.

Mark Sampson
10-Mar-2011, 09:20
If a little low in contrast. That can be a good thing, though, if you're shooting E-6.

Don Dudenbostel
11-Mar-2011, 18:44
A 19 RDA was my standard product lens for many years. I never had contrast problems in the studio but always flagged lights from hitting the lens direct. In the field I always shaded it ann never had a problem. It has huge coverage and internal bellows light scattering is more a problem than internal lens flare.

Great lens!

Kimberly Anderson
11-Mar-2011, 22:41
I have one for sale right now that is the very specimen that Don shot in his studio.

12-Mar-2011, 05:52
I have one for sale right now that is the very specimen that Don shot in his studio.

Keep the lens. How much for the flange?:)
I have the same setup, minus mounting hardware.

Kimberly Anderson
12-Mar-2011, 05:55
It's mounted in an Ilex #5.

12-Mar-2011, 06:51
Oh, mine is in a #4.

Kimberly Anderson
12-Mar-2011, 08:39
Maybe mine is in a #4 too...lemme check.

EDIT: It is in a #4. My mistake.

12-Mar-2011, 12:36
FYI: SKGrimes' "fits" page (http://skgrimes.com/fits/index.htm) shows the Copal 3 as the 1st choice for mounting a 19" Artar, but they don't show an RDA. I'd have to think there's a difference in the size of the cell threading. On the RDA I have, there's only a few 1000th of an inch difference between the male cell threads and the shutter's female threads, and they overlap. I suppose, if you really, really wanted to do it, you could shave off some of the male threads so that they don't overlap. I'll leave that kind of magic to Grimes.