View Full Version : Where's SK Grimes???

sheldon hambrick
23-Jun-2000, 22:41
His web page is down. Both of his emails are down. The phone # is "no longer i n service."

Larry Huppert
23-Jun-2000, 23:40
Are you using his new phone number? He moved in the last year. The most recent phone number I had for him is: (401) 762-0857

Brian Ellis
24-Jun-2000, 15:12
He changed ISPs and that has created some communication problems. Everything is supposed to be fine now. His current phone number is (401) 762-0857.

Donald Brewster
28-Jun-2000, 23:10
I just looked him up today on the web: http://www.skgrimes.com Didn't try the emails or the phone though.