View Full Version : Does Dixactol Expire?

8-Mar-2011, 18:36
I bought a new kit of Dixactol a couple of months ago in a clearance event from a camera store. The bottles look very old and were covered in dust. I don't see a date anywhere on the bottles and they have been sealed but I'm assuming that there is an expiration date for these solutions. Any recommendations for using this or should I just throw it out? It was only $4.00 for it so I won't be out much. I've got some 120 film that expired in 1972, maybe i'll use them together and just see what happens.

8-Mar-2011, 20:00
I don't know.

Oren Grad
8-Mar-2011, 22:44
"The life of the concentrate 'A' should be not less than 6 months in reasonably cool conditions. Concentrate B does not deteriorate in storage to all intents and purposes."


9-Mar-2011, 02:01
From personal experience I know that, once opened you get about six months. Fresh, usable solution A should be clear or at most a very pale straw colour. If it is any darker its on the way out and if its dark brown its expired.

9-Mar-2011, 15:10
It's looks like coffee so I'll let it go. Thanks