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8-Mar-2011, 10:48
I've been on Flutot's waiting list for over a year and I noticed recently that she is not accepting rush orders now either. SK Grimes seems a bit pricey for a CLA($100). Any other reputable(and reasonable) shutter experts in the US?


J. E. Brown
8-Mar-2011, 11:19
That is too bad to hear. I had mine rush ordered at Flutot's over a year ago and I was very pleased.

Other than having Carol do it, I don't know who else. No help, sorry.

Nathan Smith
8-Mar-2011, 12:06
See this thread: http://www.largeformatphotography.info/forum/showthread.php?t=67457

I have sent things to Paul Ebel, as well as Carol, with great results from both.


Richard Wasserman
8-Mar-2011, 12:22
I second Paul Ebel—simple excellent in all respects

8-Mar-2011, 14:12
I use Carol as exclusively as I can. She is terrific. On the few things that she does not handle, I have been very successful with both Camera Wiz in Harrisnburg, Va and with KEH's repair department.

8-Mar-2011, 14:42
I've been on Flutot's waiting list for over a year.....


i do not know why anyone ever gets on a waiting list for shutter repair. Frank Marshman from Camera Wiz in Harrisnburg, Va is the best. fast. affordable. perfect repairs everytime. and NO waiting list that lasts months or years.

i wait more for the shipping company to get me my lenses back and forth than i do for frank to actual do the service. he has gotten me stuff back to me in 7-14 days usually, maybe 21 when he is busy.

9-Mar-2011, 08:35
My shutter repaired n CLA by Carol at Flutot, great job, fast enough

Bob Salomon
9-Mar-2011, 08:37
Have you asked Samy's Camera or Keeble & Shuchat?

Don Dudenbostel
9-Mar-2011, 09:00
Paul Ebel is who I send my shutters to. He's around $60 and fairly fast. The work has been excellent.

9-Mar-2011, 09:36
Thanks guys, got a couple more options now!