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8-Mar-2011, 04:32
Hi all,

I recently bought the 121mm Super Angulon (pictured) though unfortunately it came without the board and the little doohickey that allows the use of a cable release. I really want to put a cable release on it. Does anyone know what these things are called and where I could get one?

It's a Synchro Compur shutter.


8-Mar-2011, 11:25
Linhof calls it a "quicksocket" (all one word).

Search the B&H website for that term http://www.bhpphotovideo.com

Other manufacturers might have different names for it.

You might also try a Google search for "recessed lensboard".

- Leigh

Barry Kirsten
8-Mar-2011, 11:53
I'm told that Marflex can provide these as made for Linhof boards, which look as though they may be suitable for your situation.

I'm also told that they're not too prompt at responding to requests. I sent them an email inquiry last October and am still waiting for a reply, which seems to bear this out :p . Their email address is marflex@aol.com.

Good luck,


9-Mar-2011, 02:00
B+H only seem to sell them attached to boards. Any other ideas?

9-Mar-2011, 10:04
B+H only seem to sell them attached to boards. Any other ideas?
True. I don't know what camera you're using, so the Linhof boards might have been appropriate.

The best option would be Google.

- Leigh

Bob Salomon
9-Mar-2011, 12:39
Before you go spending without checking be aware that there are several different Linhof Cable Release Quick Socket assemblies that have different shape and length wires and different board spacers depending on the lens/shutter/board combination. So you really want to check with a Linhof service center for the correct combination for your lens in an, apparently, Compur 1 shutter.

The current version of the Quick Socket no longer uses a wire but instead a very short cable release extension so the board/shutter/lens is not as much of an issue but I doubt that you are looking for new parts.

13-Mar-2011, 01:34
I thought I a might have an idea which could make this work. Searching for an appropriate doohickey has been fruitless.
My idea was basically to dedicate a cable release to this lens/shutter and try to bend 2mm or so at the end through 90degrees, then clamp, semi-permanently, the end of the cable release to the board (timber board on deardorff) via glue or a little horshoe shaped clamp screwed in.

My doubts though centre around the fact that the cable release normally lives fully retracted, so if I've bent the end and inserted it through the shutter release leve on the shutter it won't be able to retract normaly

Any ideas? Worth pursuing?


Kirk Keyes
13-Mar-2011, 08:16
I think there's a little 'bullet' that threads onto the end ot the cable release that allows the cable release to be captured by the plastic end of the do-hickie. Is that what you are looking for? It allows any cable to be used with it.

If so, I was able to buy some of the little bullets from Linhof many years ago. I think I got 3 incase I lost some...

13-Mar-2011, 15:01
Hi Kirk,

No, I'm actually looking for the whole contraption that goes between cable release and shutter release lever. This shutter can't accept a cable release screwed into it. There is just a little lever and the lever has a ole in the end of it of around ~1mm diameter.

Barry Kirsten
13-Mar-2011, 23:23

As Bob said, there are several Linhof arrangements - I have three, on different boards - so you really do have to be careful.

I suggest you ring/email around to find out what's available, and if possible, take your lens and board and try to see what will fit. It's probably a bit risky doing it any other way.

Another thought that's just come to mind is used camera places like KEH. You might be able to pick up something second hand, like a used board that has the coupling attached. The same risks apply, but you won't be risking a big loss.


Bob Salomon
15-Mar-2011, 06:24
Your lens needs a trip to a service center to have either that hook custom made or for the cable release socket to be re-installed on your shutter. The Linhof QS system fits the cable release socket not the hole on the shutter's lever.