View Full Version : Cooke Brass Portrait Lens Question

Todd Hochberg
7-Mar-2011, 16:23
I have a couple of lenses that a friend's father acquired in the 60's or earlier .

Cooke 13" Brass Portrait lens Series VI f/5.6 w/soft focus adj.
Taylor, Taylor & Hobson
It is mounted on a 9"x9" lensboard w/Packard shutter
Anybody know the vintage of this lens and quality/value?

I also have a
Schneider Krueznach Xenar 42cm f/4.5
mounted on lensboard w/packard shutter

Any info on these would be helpful, I expect that given the size of the lens and board, were they used on 8x10 or 11x14 or larger camera?

I can add pictures if that helps.

7-Mar-2011, 16:45
look here for recent ebay sales of Cooke VI lenses (http://antiquecameras.net/softfocuslenssales.html)

here to learn about the vintage (http://antiquecameras.net/softfocuslenses2.html)