View Full Version : Specs for New 38mm Super Angulon XL

Kerry L. Thalmann
7-Sep-2000, 15:03
Just a few specs on the soon to be announced 38mm Super Angulon XL:

Image Circle at f11: 137mm (120 angle of coverage) Filter size: 72mm

That's all I have on this lens so far. No information on anticipated availabili ty. If I get any additional information, I'll pass it along.

Looks like an interesting new possibility for roll film users, especially anyone who wants to shoot ultrawide 6x12cm with movements.


Richard Stum / Kinesis
10-Sep-2000, 02:02
Kerry, thanks for heads up. I have a Schnieder 47mm I use with 6x7cm and shootin g interiors, but it is not quite wide enough for some shots. The other alternative is the 35mm focal length offered by Rodenstock, but I feel that is j ust too short for most interiors shots.