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David Solow
5-Mar-2011, 06:12
I am seriously considering getting a Linhof Master Technika 3000, but I would like to rent lenses to see which ones I would like to buy. Where can I rent them? Do I need to get lens boards for the lenses I want to rent, or will the rental folks have lens boards to fit the Technika 3000?

As a separate question:
I like to shoot full body shots from above on a ladder. The maximum distance I can get from the subject is around 8 feet. Any suggestions for a lens that can get the whole body from 6 to 8 feet away?

Bob Salomon
5-Mar-2011, 06:16
Try FotoCare in NYC and Samys in LA and Bear Images in Palo Alto

Jim Michael
5-Mar-2011, 07:01
phi = angle of view of the lens

tan(phi) = 1/2 view / distance

view = "whole body" = 6 feet

distance = 8 feet

tan(phi) = 3/8

arc tan(3/8) = 0.39 radians = 22.55 degrees

image height on film = 4.5 in.

1/2 height = 4.5 * 25.4 /2 = 57.5 mm

phi = 57.5/x = 3/8

x = ca. 150 mm

And due to some bellows factor from lens to subject distance, I'll bet a 135 would be about right.

5-Mar-2011, 12:14
Lots of people just buy used and resell the lenses after they've tried them. Price is often very close and if you lose money at it, just consider that the rent for the unlimited use of the lens while you had it. Buy lenses from KEH, ebay, here, use them, and sell them here or ebay.

Regarding your question of image size. 4x5 is 4x bigger than 35mm film (or full size digital sensor) in the short dimension. That should help you figure out what lens to use; a 200mm will be comparable to a 50mm for your 35 in terms of field of view in the short dimension.

Bob Kerner
6-Mar-2011, 06:31
I seem to recall renting 4x5 gear from Fotocare several years ago and the last time I looked it was still in their rental catalog.